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Chemistry Tutors In Toronto

chemistry tutors toronto

Our chemistry tutors Toronto are specialist in the field of chemistry.  Many of our tutors are in specialists from chemical engineering. pharmacy programs and Ontario College of Teacher  graduates

We provide chemistry tutors for:

  • Grades 1-10 Science

  • Chemistry grades 11-12, college, I.B. , A.P. and University courses

  • Chemistry, Chemical Engineering course support

We provide Chemistry tutors in Toronto and  the following areas

  • Toronto  | North York | East York | City of York | Scarborough | Etobicoke |
  • G.T.A    | Mississauga | Brampton |Thornhill |Richmond hill |Woodbridge | Markham | Maple |
  • Ottawa
  • Vancouver | Victoria | Richmond | Delta | North Vancouver | West Vancouver | Surrey | New Westminister
  • Calgary 
 Please note we are a private 1 on 1 tutoring agency.

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Toronto - Head Office
Calgary, Alberta
  • North York
  • Etobicoke


  • Scarborough
  • East York


  • Mississauga
  • Brampton


  • Richmond Hill
  • Thornhill

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  • Woodbridge
  • Maple


  • Newmarket
  • Aurora

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    Did you know?
    The current model of atomic structure is the quantum mechanical model. Traditional chemistry starts with the study of elementary particles, atoms, molecules, substances, metals, crystals and other aggregates of matter. This matter can be studied in solid, liquid, or gas states, in isolation or in combination. The interactions, reactions and transformations that are studied in chemistry are usually the result of interactions between atoms, leading to rearrangements of the chemical bonds which hold atoms together. Such behaviors are studied in a chemistry laboratory.They can be analyzed using the tools of chemical analysis, e.g. spectroscopy and chromatography. Scientists engaged in chemical research are known as chemists.Most chemists specialize in one or more sub-disciplines. Several concepts are essential for the study of chemistry; some of them are:

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